Cub Scout Saturdays
Cub Scout Saturdays @ the Children's Museum of Acadiana
Cub Scouts love earning their badges at the CMA's Cub Scout Saturday Workshops! All workshops meet Cub Scout requirements for each badge. See what the CMA can offer your Cub Scout today!
Webelo Badges
Showman Activity Badge
Music, Theatre and Puppetry will become the focus of this fun & interactive workshop at the CMA.
Craftsman Activity Badge
Craftsmen use tools, wood and other materials to build different pieces. Webelos will learn to build useful objects to become true Craftsmen.
Artist Activity Badge
Paint, draw & create...Webelos will explore the basics of art & design while using different media to create their own works of art.
Engineer Activity Badge
Catapults, Cranes and Circuits, Oh My! All this fun adds up to Webelos learning all about Engineering at the CMA.
Loop & Pin
Art Loop & Pin
Scouts will explore the elements of design, color theory and work with a variety of medium such as paints, water colors, recycled materials and more to create their own works of art. They will become true artists when they leave the CMA.
Music Loop & Pin
Scouts will learn about music, its importance in our culture and different types of music. They will learn to make their own instruments to play for all to hear. When scouts leave the CMA they will know the sound of a great musician.
Dates & Costs
September 5, 2015 : Webelos Artist  Badge: Must pre-register online at by Monday, August 24, 2015.
October :
November :
December :
January :
February :
March :
April : 
May :
Scouts: $15 
Chaperones/Parents: $3
Other Siblings: $5  - CMA Experience - floor play (Do not attend workshop)
All Cub Scout Saturdays take place from 10:00am to 12:00pm
Minimum of 10;  Maximum of 15 scouts per workshop.
Must pre-register online at
Call 337.232.8500 for more information or email Cindy Trahan at



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