Ham Radio Classes
Children's Museum of Acadiana & Acadiana Amateur Radio Association
Amateur Ham Radio Courses
NOTE:  Class may be arranged for preformed groups.  Please Contact Carol McManus at the CMA to schdule your group today!  337-232-8500
The Children's Museum houses a secret—one of the finest ham radio stations in the south. The Children's Museum of Acadiana will offer a Ham Radio program for anyone ages 10 – 80. The course will be held at the CMA in downtown Lafayette and will be taught by licensed amateur radio operators from the Acadiana Amateur Radio Association (AARA) and Ms. Terry Turner, Science Teacher from Paul Breaux.
Earn your Technician License at the CMA
A nine (9) week ham radio licensing course (8 ham classes and 1 testing date).
Class Dates:
Customized / Subject to availability of instructor. 
Individuals age 10 and older will receive instruction designed to enable them to earn a Technician-level license in ham radio. The instructors welcome parents and children to enroll in the course and earn their technician's license together. In addition to the one-time $5.00 course fee, each student will purchase a $30.00 manual and pay a $15.00 fee for testing and license.
Contact Carol McManus at the  Children's Museum of Acadiana at (337) 232-8500 for more information or to schedule a class.
Join in the fun and become a Ham Radio Operator today.



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